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Our Purpose
The Gavia Scuba club is an independent, nonprofit organization, composed of individual divers. We are not affiliated with any particular dive shop, and do not certify or formally train in SCUBA or other types of diving. We are dedicated to promoting enjoyment, fellowship, safety, and knowledge among scuba divers and those interested in the underwater world.
Our Name
Our club name is "Gavia" is the scientific name for the family of birds who are specialized for swimming and diving. This family of birds lives on the water, and includes the loons in North America. These birds spend most of their life diving, sometimes as deep as 100 feet. The picture at the right is Gavia Immer - The Common Loon of North America. 
Club History
The Gavia Scuba Club was formed in 1990, and has grown from about 15 members the first year to an average membership in the last couple years of about 30-40 members. Most members live within a 30-40 mile radius of Cincinnati, Ohio.
About This Web Site
This web site was developed for both club members and non-members. For club members we provide common information about the club with easy access, updates to the activities calendar, and a starting point for using the Internet to further our interests in scuba. For non-members and potential members, we wish to provide information about diving in the Greater Cincinnati area, and some background on what the club provides for local Cincinnati area divers. If you are not a member, we invite you to click on the Membership icon above.


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